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St. Mary’s Wavendon

Life Events


At St Mary’s we welcome the baptism of infants whose parents are willing to express faith in Jesus Christ. We are also pleased to offer thanksgivings for infants (see below).

We also celebrate adult baptism, where those being baptised are given the opportunity to give a personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. If you would like to know more about baptism at St Mary’s please contact Rev Matt on or 01908 582839




We welcome families who would like to give thanks for their new baby before God, their families and friends and the Church. Thanksgivings are becoming more common for those parents who would like to mark the wonder of a new arrival in the family but feel that in all conscience they cannot express faith in Jesus Christ.  If you would like to know more about thanksgiving at St Mary’s please contact Rev Matt on or 01908 582839




Weddings are always a time for celebration at St Mary’s and we welcome couples who live in the parish, as well as those who have some connection through parents, previous residence, or baptism at St Mary’s.  If you are interested in getting married at St Mary’s then please click here for more information and contact details. We do host marriage preparation courses twice annually, which we highly recommend, please click on the courses tab for more info and to see the date of our next course.




The loss of a loved one can be a time of great grief, shock, stress, and sometimes anger. Holding a funeral in a Christian church can be an opportunity to express some of those emotions in the context of a loving community, and receive support at a lonely and difficult time.  The first step in organising a funeral is to contact a funeral director, who will make all the practical arrangements on your behalf. However, if you’d like the Rector Rev. Matt Trendall to conduct the funeral service of your loved one, or if you’d like to hold the service here, do contact him on or 01908 582839.


If at any time, no matter how long after the event, you’d like to talk through your feelings with a minister, do contact Rev. Matt Trendall using the contact details above.

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Sunday Services

1st Sunday

9.30am Family Communion with Childrens' Church

2nd Sunday

9.30am Simple Sunday Service with Children's Church


3rd Sunday

9.30am Family Communion


4th Sunday

9.30am Simple Sunday Service


5th Sundays (when appropriate)

9.30am Simple Sunday Service


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