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Growing in faith is at the heart of all we do.  Following Jesus is an adventure which develops in every dimension of life, however alongside practical ways to grow, we believe that we also need to learn and feed on God's word, the Bible.  Here at St. Mary's we seek to offer deep, bible teaching which provides real applications for everyday life.  If you miss a week, then you can catch up here!


Below you can find paper copies of recent sermons preached at our services.  Less recent can be found under 'Archive' in the tab to the left, or here.

Our vision
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It's also worth looking at our vision from 2018, which sets where we're going in a wider context:
Vision for 2018 A Season Of Sowing.pdf
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Spring 2020: The Bible Course - An overview from Genesis to Revelation

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Autumn 2019 series: Our Just and Merciful God

In this major series we think about what it means for God to be both just and merciful, and therefore how we live as people passionate for both justice and mercy in our world.

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Summer 2019 series: People of the Resurrection

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Spring 2019 series: Life in the Spirit

In this series which takes us up to Lent, we’ll be focusing on God as the Holy Spirit and what it means to welcome His presence and activity in our lives.

We begin by looking at the Church as 'The Community of the Spirit'
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Who are we as Christians? Our identity as Children of God
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How do we receive God's promised Holy Spirit?
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Like Simeon meeting Jesus, how does the Spirit move us today?
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What are the gifts of the Spirit and how can we use them for God's glory?
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...and more detailed teaching on spiritual gifts can be found in this extra session:
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How the glorious Spirit makes us more like Jesus
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On a day-to-day basis, how we live by the Spirit...
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Truth with the power to touch the heart and change our lives:
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Autumn 2018 series: Generosity

Generosity – something we all know is important but most of us find hard!  What does true generosity look like?  In this major series, we’ll be looking at how to live a generous life in every dimension – not just financial, but in our time, speech and behaviour towards others. Above all, we’ll be inspired by God’s radical generosity towards us – something we usually call ‘grace’! In this season of harvest, when we celebrate God’s abundant provision, may God grant us all grace to become more like Him, cultivating that generosity which is the mark of every true Christ-follower.

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Should Christians tithe? And if so, how do we go about it? In this sermon Matt looks at the biblical basis for tithing, plus real stories of God's provision from his own experience.
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Summer 2018 series - Jesus' parables

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Spring 2018 series: Jonah

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Lent 2018 series: 40 stories of hope

‘40 Stories of Hope’ – our lent book for 2018 – is not just a book of hope, but also one of reconciliation, transformation and journeys.  They show how Jesus transforms lives, and forgiveness can be found in the most unlikely places.  There is no-one, no life, no story that is beyond God’s power to love and transform into renewal.

It is particularly wonderful to read these stories in the weeks before Easter. The resurrection of Christ is the hope for our world, because it proclaims the defeat of all that is evil and destroys human nature.  May God speak to us and equip us to bring hope to others as we draw on the faith, hope and love that only Jesus can give.

Ash Wednesday Sermon 2018.pdf
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Lent1 18 Feb 2018 Mark1 Fresh Start.pdf
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January Series: The Beatitudes

A major new series, looking at probably the most famous sermon intro of them all – what have come to be known as the Beatitudes.   The word comes from the Latin  ‘Beatus’ meaning Blessed – Jesus describes 8 groups of people who are blessed

Our diocesan bishop, Bishop Steven, has asked all churches to spend time reflecting on them.  He has developed a new vision for us to be churches which are Contemplative, Compassionate and Courageous.  These verses essentially define what it means to be people who are like that – contemplative people who are poor in spirit, meek and pure in heart.  Compassionate people who mourn i.e. who can feel the pain of others, and are merciful.  And courageous people who hunger and thirst for justice, who are peacemakers, who are even willing to risk persecution for righteousness’ sake.

May we find fresh treasure in them as we soak ourselves in their wisdom.

14 January 2018 Intro to the Beatitudes.[...]
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21 January 2018 Beatitudes - Being Conte[...]
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11 February 2018 Beatitudes - Being Cour[...]
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Matt's sermon for New Year 2018
Dec 31st 2017 Sermon Reflecting on New Y[...]
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Autumn 2017

Sermon series: ‘The Mission of God’

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Lent Series 2017

Samuel Johnson once said ‘The realisation that one is to be hanged in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully’.

Hebrew 12 v 2 states ‘Let us fix our eyes on Jesus – who, for the joy set before Him, endured the Cross, scorning its shame’.

Jesus sets out on a journey from Galilee to Jerusalem.  A path that would take Him to His destiny:  death on a cross.  Instead of being introspective, quiet and absorbed by what’s awaiting Him, he is composed.  He shows compassion, as usual, for the hurting and desperate people He meets.  He shows patience in dealing with irritating concerns.  He acknowledges those who recognise Him for who He is.

As we journey with ‘the man born to be King’, on His way to Jerusalem during this time of Lent, may we see ourselves in the individuals and crowds – recognising their concerns are our concerns:  their problems are our problems:  their questions are our questions.  In Jesus may we recognise the One who came to save us.

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2017: Our Vision

In 2015, a group representing the Partnership went away for a retreat day together, to try and discern God’s leading for us as a team of churches.  We spent much time reflecting together on Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4, and sharing our hopes and dreams for mission and ministry in Walton.  Out of this came a united vision which we sense could inspire us for the next few years:

Seeking sharing and celebrating the abundant life of God

At this time of change and new opportunity, perhaps now is a key moment for us to dwell together on what that vision could mean for each of us: as individuals, as churches, as a Partnership.  What would it look like to commit ourselves fully to being a church which offers abundant life? Which seeks it for ourselves, shares it with others, and celebrates it whenever and wherever we find it?  Our hope and prayer is that 2017 will begin with a bang, and that God will do great things among us as we commit together to partner with God in bringing the abundant life of his kingdom to our communities.

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