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NEW Online Exhibitions



We are delighted to welcome you to our first online exhibition, ‘The Beauty of Creation’.  We have a really diverse collection of art and craft to show you.  Click here to enjoy!


Thank you to everyone who has submitted work – we hope you will enjoy seeing it displayed in the virtual gallery.  Feel free to email us your comments and feedback at


If you would still like to submit something, we may be able to add it into the exhibition, so please do send it to


Viewing the exhibition:

When you click on the link, it will take a few seconds for the gallery to load.  Then you will have a choice of entering the exhibition straight away or doing a guided tour. 


We recommend that you begin with the guided tour, which will take you through all the works, one at a time.  You can pause the tour at any point and also look at more information about the works by pressing ⓘ  You can also move in your own time from picture to picture using the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons.


When you are back to the first picture, if you pause the tour, you can then wander round the exhibition.  You normally need to start by moving backwards a little, using the down arrow.


Within the exhibition, you can navigate (move around) by using the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen, the arrow keys on your keyboard or using your mouse or touchpad to move around with a click and hold.  Moving the mouse with one click allows you to look around from the point where you are ‘standing’.  Using the arrow keys moves you more slowly and with more control.


If you click on the circle with 3 lines (menu icon) in the top right hand corner, and then click ‘Help’, it will put the instructions on the screen for you.

You can also move directly to a work by clicking on it.  Then you can ‘exit detail view’ to return to the exhibition or move to the next or previous work with one click.


If you get a bit lost, don’t worry!  Just close the exhibition down and start again.


If any of you find the virtual gallery too complicated, you can view the works in this Google Drive.  This is also where we will archive the works, once we move on to our next exhibition.


Our next theme:

If you have been inspired by visiting our exhibition, you might like to begin thinking of a creative response to our next theme, an environmental one: ‘Caring for God’s Creation’.


We will be asking for submissions in late July and August and will publish our exhibition in September, so there is plenty of time for you to come up with an idea.

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